Nate has co-founded or been a very early worker bee of six software startups that have been acquired by the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Sapient, Rakuten, and others.  As the saying goes, he's either lucky or smart.  We're going to go with lucky.  ;)

Be great

Why not upgrade your hospital's image? Get closer to the friends and families of your patients.  Connect with your true digital community. Help them help you!

Our founder

Big Problem 
Over 200,000 friends and family members each day - in the US alone - wait in hospital waiting rooms for their loved ones in surgery. And many more remotely!

Family must ask directly or call hospital staff to get updates.  This places a burden on the hospital staff.

Inefficient and Expensive
Wages account for 56% of all health care spending, yet communication with families is inefficient and requires several people per surgery.  In some cases, nurses call family members on their cell phones to give them updates.  Often no one knows where the family is to update them.  Some family members roam the halls looking for answers!

No one wants to be in a waiting room
Medifies lets families leave with their conscience intact - and notifies them when to come back to talk to the surgeon.

We Help Hospitals Keep Families Informed


mission & vision

Medifies gives hospitals the best tools to take charge of communications with the families of patients in their care.

Why Now

Under the Affordable Care Act, 30% of hospitals' Medicare withheld reimbursement is based on patient satisfaction scores.  Sources estimate that as many as 1/3 of the surveys are filled out by family!


The Health space is ripe for innovation and disruption.  The ACA has opened up new economic opportunities.  But really, hospitals need to be more patient-focused, because when they are, health and outcomes improve for each and every one of us.  I want to help make that happen - and now is the time!