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Anyone can learn how to use it, from families to staff, in a matter of minutes.

Medifies does not display the patient's name or other PHI publicly.

Some of the advantages of Medifies include: nothing to install, no IT investment, no downtime, and no data loss.  Go to the URL, login, and you are ready to go!


Family members who are not local can get the same realtime updates, communication and comfort as the local family.  This also frees the local family members to focus on their loved one before, during and after surgery.

No one wants to be in a waiting room
Medifies lets families leave with their conscience intact - and notifies them when to come back to talk to the surgeon.

Family view on their smartphone




Engaging family members contributes to a solid organization and improved bottom line.
    •    Improve efficiency
    •    Control costs
    •    Boost marketing efforts with improved patient and family engagement.  For every patient in surgery, you get the phone number, email address and relationship status of every family member involved!

    •    Research shows that lack of information can lead to stress and poor levels of satisfaction for patients and their families (and low HCAHPS scores).

Improved patient intake and discharge coordination saves time and effort. Engaging family members via timely communication improves:
    •    Quality
    •    Safety
    •    Patient and family experience
    •    Employee satisfaction​

Engaging patients and their family members via timely communication dramatically improves key areas:
    •    Quality
    •    Safety
    •    Financial performance
    •    Patient and family experience
    •    Patient outcomes
    •    Employee satisfaction​


Engaging patients' family members via timely communication dramatically improves key areas:
    •    Ease stress by proactively giving them timely information and allowing them to leave and come back
    •    Simplify the coordination of family member briefings

    •    Standardized surgical updates diminish inaccuracies and eliminate embellishments
    •    Simplify the coordination of family member briefings
    •    Nurses can stay in the OR and be more focused

NOTE:  A surgeon never has to use Medifies, it is operated by other, typically non-clinical hospital staff.  The software also let's staff know when the family is back in the waiting room.  No more wasting time trying to find them!


Engaging family members via timely communication improves job satisfaction.
​    •    More information eases tension in the waiting room
    •    Enables family members to leave the waiting room when necessary

    •    Reduces or eliminates calls you have to make on your cell phone​
    •    OR Nurses can stay in the OR and be more focused

    •    Saves time!  One study found that nurses waste 60 minutes each day tracking down surgeons for a response to a question from a family member.  With Medifies, the family gets up to the minute updates and never need to ask about status ever again!

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Why not upgrade your hospital's image? Get closer to the friends and families of your patients.  Connect with your true digital community. Help them help you!

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Under the Affordable Care Act, 30% of hospitals' Medicare withheld reimbursement is based on patient satisfaction scores.  Sources estimate that as many as 1/3 of the surveys are filled out by family!

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Medifies gives hospitals the best tools to take charge of communications with the caregivers and families of patients in their care.