We Help Hospitals Keep Families Informed

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Medifies gives hospitals the best tools to take charge of communications with the friends and families of patients in their care.


Anyone can learn how to use it, from family to staff, in a matter of minutes.

Medifies does not display the patient's name or other PHI publicly.

Some of the advantages of Medifies include nothing to install, no IT investment, no downtime, and no data loss.  Go to the URL, login, and you are ready to go!


Family members who are not local can get the same realtime updates, communication and comfort as local caregivers.  This also frees the local caregivers to focus on their loved one during and after surgery.

No one wants to be in a waiting room
Medifies lets families leave with their conscience intact - and notifies them when to come back to talk to the doctor.

​Secure updates are made by a non-clinical member of the staff, never the surgeon.  Updates are templated and pre-approved facts of generic surgical updates like: "The Surgeon is performing the operation."  Templated, neutral responses remove any confusion and decrease the chance of any mistake or embellishment.  Just the facts.

Staff makes updates with the tap of a single button using the Medifies Staff Portal, which can be on a dedicated tablet or laptop running your EMR.  No typing, no calling, no mistakes. No more family questions.

Be great

Why not upgrade your hospital's image? Get closer to the friends and families of your patients.  Connect with your true digital community. Help them help you!

Family view on their smartphone

Why Now

Under the Affordable Care Act, 30% of hospitals' Medicare reimbursement is based on patient satisfaction scores.


Our productS

Invited caregivers, trusted friends and members of a patient's family can securely access the Family Website to get updates. Medifies gives them a unique Medifies Patient Number which correlates to the patient in surgery.  We do not display the patient name here.

​Updates are templated responses (no typing!) to generic surgical updates like: "The Surgeon is performing the operation" and "Anesthesia has started."  This information is updated for local and remote family as soon as the hospital staff taps the button on the Staff Portal.