No more hours of sitting in a waiting room without any information whatsoever.

Leave the Waiting Room

With Medifies, you have the freedom to take a walk, grab a coffee and tend to your daily obligations while your loved one undergoes a procedure.

Family and friends all over the world can receive important status updates on this important day.

Update Remote Family

Medifies sends status notifications to remote family members at the same time.  This enables local family members to stress less and focus on their loved one.

Medifies sends appointment reminders and notifications to help you keep your loved one healthy.

Coordinate Care

Travel, scheduling, and care logistics can be difficult, especially for recurring procedures.  Medifies sends timely updates on the procedure and will let you know when the doctor can come to speak with you.

We send only factual updates so you know the procedure is progressing, and anything out of the ordinary is discussed in person.

Keep Up with Your Loved One

You need reassurance when your loved one is in any procedure.  Updates keep you informed and ensure you get to speak with a doctor after the procedure.  

As part of a hospital’s communications strategy, offering resources for informal caregivers, both those who are the healthcare decision makers and those who are the day-to-day caregivers (sometimes one and the same) can have a huge impact.
— Daniel E. Ansel, President and CEO, Private Health News