Time is of the essence, and we make sure that every moment counts.

Improve Efficiency

A clinician's time is precious.  With Medifies, family acknowledges when they are back and ready to speak with a clinician at critical moments, saving valuable time and effort.

Increase Medicare reimbursement and keep your patients happy.

Raise Patient Satisfaction Scores

Patient satisfaction is key - and up to 30% of paper HCAHPS and Press Ganey surveys are filled out by family!  Keeping them in the loop yields higher patient satisfaction scores.

Minimize unhappy crowds in waiting rooms and help your staff stay on schedule.

Streamline Waiting Rooms

Often procedures are delayed, ORs and radiology scans get backed up all day.  Keep families and patients happy by alerting them that they can arrive later than their scheduled time to prevent waiting room backups. 

Make sure that patients receive correct dietary and lifestyle requirements before their procedures.

Ensure Proper Preparation

15% of procedures are cancelled day-of due to a patient's lack of preparation. Medifies sends critical pre-procedure reminders to caregivers, ensuring planned procedures are executed.

Market your institution by providing useful follow-up links after a procedure.

Encourage Engagement

The Medifies post-procedure screen is customizable with institution-specific marketing.  Include links to social media, post-op instructions, appointment scheduling or a satisfaction survey!

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