Medifies Surgery Being Used on a phone.

Medifies Surgery

Our original product was created to address problems that a surgeon saw in his OR every day: families are tethered to waiting rooms without any updates on the procedure, and yet they are often not present when a doctor needs to speak with them post-procedure.


  • Templated, standardized updates that reduce the potential for miscommunication
  • "I'm here!" button for family to notify hospital staff that they have returned to the waiting room
  • Option of direct integration with an existing EMR
Don't be distracted keeping remote family updated while your partner is in labor.  MeDIFIES will do it for you!

Medifies OB

Childbirth is a stressful time for a family.  Medifies OB allows Dad to collaborate with nursing staff to get updates to family members while remaining mentally present for Mom.


  • Notifications to family anxiously awaiting news
  • Flexible interface for a variety of users
  • Baby's name, gender and birthweight go out automatically after delivery
We save clinicians valuable time by ensuring that patients are properly prepared for scans.

Medifies Radiology

Medifies Radiology streamlines crowded waiting rooms and helps improve scheduling.  It is available with different messaging for both adult and pediatric procedures.


  • Pre-procedure reminders to prevent day-of cancellations
  • Facility delay notifications
  • Way-finding instructions and hospital maps
Cancer patients have enough on their plates; Medifies allows families to coordinate care and better take care of their loved ones.

Medifies Chemotherapy

Cancer takes enough of a toll on a family; caregiving for a loved one shouldn't add to the burden.  Our chemotherapy product makes coordinating logistics easier.


  • Pre-procedure reminders
  • Coordination of steps throughout the process
  • Relief for patients who are fatigued post-treatment
Let Medifies send you appointment reminders and tell you when it's time to pick up your loved one.

Medifies Dialysis

Thousands of people undergo dialysis every day, but caregivers can struggle with coordinating such frequent care.  Medifies streamlines the routine by keeping caregivers in the loop.


  • Appointment reminders
  • Descriptions of the procedure
  • Lifestyle reminders and links to health records

Medifies Platform: The Suite of Products

The entire suite of Medifies products.