The Medifies team works at TMCx Innovation Institute.

In 2015, veteran startup entrepreneur and Medifies CEO Nate Pagel was approached by his surgeon friend who had an idea to create software that would address the communication issues faced by every surgeon and every patients' entire family simultaneously.  After speaking with numerous surgeons and healthcare executives and witnessing the huge gap in the digital health market, Nate started Medifies.

Although Medifies started by addressing problems stemming from a lack of communication with caregivers in surgical OR waiting rooms, we've expanded our platform to include radiology, chemotherapy, dialysis and obstetrics.  Conversations with physicians, patients, families, and healthcare execs along the way have been crucial in our product development, and we are always open to suggestions!

Medifies was a member of the TMCx Innovation Institute's fourth cohort and officially opened its Houston office in April 2017.  Contact us today to learn how you can distinguish your facility by prioritizing family and caregiver communication!